Food Truck a.k.a. Betsy

In 2018 we built our first Food Truck. Betsy, the truck nickname, was purchased a couple years ago from a friend in Hood River. The 1980 Chevy step van was a Matco tool truck from the East Coast originally. Lew, the Jeweler wizard drove it out from Jersey and landed in Hood River. Lew used it as a “Gorge Mobile” carrying his windsurf gear to and fro around the famous windsurfing sites along the Gorge banks. then Lew used it as a Bagel delivery van for his Bagelsmith business. Eventually Betsy was sold to Bingen Bart, a famous windsurfer. We bought it shortly after his possession. With the help of Troy and his son Josh the stainless steel wizards we created a beautiful kitchen, on wheels. Our mutual friend Aussie Sam, another transplant from Hood River, did the sparky work. Bob, Keith or Kevin did all our mechanical engine work, what a mess that was for him. Ray our original plumber from 1993 did the plumbing. A big shout out to Ray for helping us at 80+ years old. Extra engine work has been done by VRGarage, where Cameron and Adam help us prevent any more tows.

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